Classic set


*Will not add volume to sparse areas*

Faux mink lashes that add length and curl to every lash, giving your lashes a “MASCARA LOOK”.

Full 3D-4D Handmade fans. Will add fullness to sparse areas without causing damage to the natural lashes. 
This look will give you "BABY GLAM"!  

Classic Fill

*Must have 40% of lashes*

The classic fill must be booked every 2-3 weeks, to keep the lashes looking full and fresh.  

  $50 + | 45 mins...

Classic volume mix set


A perfect Mix of Classic and Volume, with 3D-4D handmade fans to add fullness to your natural lashes; while adding classics ( one single extension) for length and darkness. This look will give the eyes an extra “POP”.

New classic and 3D-4D fans are added to give your lashes a refreshed look!  

*Must have 40% of lashes*

$55 + | 60 mins…

 $140 | 90 mins...

Light Volume Set

 $165 | 120 mins...

Light Volume Fill 

The light volume fill must be booked every 2-3 weeks, to keep the lashes looking full and fresh. 

*Must have 40% of lashes*

  $60 + | 70 min ...

Full vivid Volume Set

FULL vivid VOLUME fill

The Full volume fill should be booked every 2-3 weeks, to keep the lashes looking full and “BOLD”.

Full 6D-10D Handmade fans. 100% coverage of your natural lashes. Will add fullness to sparse areas, darkness, and length, leaving your natural lashes beautiful and “BOLD” yet soft to the touch. 

$180 | 150 mins…

$70 +| 90 mins…

Lash Removal

Our soft gel remover is designed to remove any adhesive and pre-existing eyelash extension without causing any harming or damage to natural lashes. 

  $30 + | 35 mins...

 $155 | 120 mins...

Lash Care

Pre-appointment instructions, what to expect, aftercare, and keeping your lashes looking the best can be found


real moments


gorgeous florals

There will be more pictures taken of you on your wedding day than any other single day in your life. So why not invest in a professional makeup artist who will help you achieve exactly what you are looking for?

I am completely invested in each of my brides from the initial meeting to the wedding day, and beyond. My inspiration for makeup artistry really comes from really listening to each clients need and helping bring their vision to life.

“Makeup should enhance your natural beauty while staying true to your personal style.”

I understand that most brides still want to look like themselves on their wedding day, only more beautiful; therefore, I use the highest quality makeup products to create a flawless makeup application. I am experienced in both dramatic and natural looks, so you will be in good hands regardless of your makeup style! Custom made strip lashes are included in all of my makeup services.

At home, on-location or at my private studio in Whitefish MT, Elegance by Joy Renee services are available for weddings, engagements sessions, photoshoots, boudoir, rehearsal dinners, and special events. 

Beauty Investment



TOUCH UPS | $100 per hour
EARLY START | before 7:00 am $75 per artist
RETAINERS FEE | non-refundable, non-transferable fee of $150 
ADDITIONAL ARTIST | an additional $150 per artist
ROUND TRIP TRAVEL | up to 30 miles complimentary from 59937, otherwise $0.56/mile applies per artist

   TRIAL: $60

   In Salon: $150

   On LocaTion: $250 +

   Guest: $75

   FlowerGirl: $20


Special Occasions

Makeup and Lashes

   Lashes & On Location  MAkeup : $450+

*includes custom made strip lashes*

*includes custom made strip lashes*

Full set is recommended 2-3 weeks prior to wedding to test for sensitivities and to have lashes looking their absolute best on your big day. Price includes full set and 2 week fill  

   In Studio: $75

   On LocaTion: $150 +

Custom made Strip lashes : $55+

*can be reused up to 20 times*


Classic Lashes 

PASH lashes Volume 

Norvell Spray Tan artist

LLP Russian Volume